5 Myths About Contact Lenses Debunked Once And For All

5 Myths About Contact Lenses Debunked Once And For All


Contact lenses have been gaining popularity in the vision care market these days with millions of contact lens wearers around the globe. By adding or subtracting focusing power to the eye’s cornea and lens, the thin plastic lenses are able to correct vision problems such as Presbyopia, Hyperopia (farsightedness), Myopia (nearsightedness), and Astigmatism, just like how eyeglasses do. Apart from the convenience they bring, contact lenses may be the option of choice for aesthetic reasons as well. This has indirectly contributed to the boom of the coloured contact lens market globally, including Malaysia. However, there are still misconceptions about contact lenses that steer potential wearers away, due to improper research and false information. Read on as we debunk some of these myths.


1. Contact lenses can get stuck behind the eyes 


This is among the most common myths about wearing contact lenses. While contact lenses can slide in any direction from the cornea, it is physically impossible for them to roll behind your eyes due to a thin membrane covering the sclera, the white part of your eye. The thin layer connects to your inner eyelid to block anything from moving behind your eyes. Therefore, your contact lenses will still return to their normal position even if you blink or make other natural eye movements.


2. Contact lenses cause eye diseases 


Contact lenses do not cause eye diseases. As long as you clean your lenses properly and correctly, as well as observe good hygiene, you will not be exposed to the risk of eye infections and diseases. With that being said, always keep an eye on the expiry date of your contact lenses and adhere to all cleaning instructions provided by the optician. Afterall, different contacts such as daily contact lenses and extended wear contact lenses  may come with different instructions.


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3. Contact lenses are hard to care for 


This misconception has driven many people away when it comes to wearing contacts. In fact, caring for contact lenses has become easier today thanks to the variety and functions offered.. For instance, you can opt for daily disposable contact lenses and discard them after use, without performing daily maintenance steps. Just start with a fresh pair the following day. Additionally, the launch of one-bottle care systems has also made contact lens care a simple process. The solution combines cleaning and lubricating functions, allowing you to store and clean your contact lenses at once.


4. Contact lenses are more expensive than spectacles


Like the price of spectacles, the cost of contact lenses also varies based on a number of factors. These include the treatment condition, materials used, and type of lens. The most significant cost difference revolves around replacement. In the long run, replacing damaged or lost contact lenses will cost much less than getting a new pair of spectacles. With various daily contact lenses available in Singapore, you may easily plan your budget based on the lens, replacement schedule and frequency of using those lenses, among other factors.


5. People with dry eyes cannot wear contact lenses


Myth People with dry eyes cannot wear contact lenses


There are methods to hydrate your eyes to prevent irritation possibly caused by contacts. The most important thing is to find out the root cause of dry eye and rectify the issue. Alternatively, you may choose a different type of lens, such as high-moisture contact lenses, or soft contact lenses made of a flexible plastic. These allow oxygen to pass through to the eye, ensuring eye comfort and clear vision. 


By debunking such myths about contact lenses, we hope you find  a worthy investment in the long run. Not only do they bring convenience, they can also boost your confidence, eliminating the need for spectacles. 


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